Our Story

Our Story

We have always loved encouraging and connecting people. This comes natural to us and is our passion.

With COVID-19 affecting our little boutique escape room
business, and more importantly, the minds and moods of dear friends, families and beloved community, we asked ourselves,” how can we bring a little bit of happy to the world?” And while we were quarantined, A Little Bit of Happy was born.

A Little Bit of Happy delivers quality jigsaw puzzles and t-shirts locally, in an effort to help families connect and engage - one piece at a time. Whether it be a friend, medical provider, a teacher, or someone who just needs a little pick me up - A Little Bit of Happy is just what the doctor ordered.

As a locally owned and operated Frisco, Texas family business that truly cares about our community, each purchase you make we will not only make your gift recipient a little bit happier, but also our community, as a percentage of our proceeds will be given back to our community- so that they too, can feel a little happier. Act now and we will next day deliver “Little Bit of Happy” absolutely free. Use coupon code LOCALLOVE.

Happily ever after,
Fred and Shannon Hammond.
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